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Meek Arm Cove

at Long Lake

Long Lake

Nova Scotia's Untouched Gem

Living at Long Lake

Living at Long Lake is a great way to enjoy a balanced life working in the city and living in a paradise community.

This brings a quality of life that is second to none.

Things to Do

This stunning lake area boasts crystal-clear water, sheltered coves, beautiful forests, hiking trails, rivers and streams. There are beautiful areas to explore by kayak or boat, and endless places to swim, hike, fish, picnic and watch the sunrise and sunset on the water.

As an Owner


  • Private berth at the lake
  • Boat launches and boats docks for all to enjoy
  • The Borovsky Park & Trail Network including a picnic park, look off and six marked trails.
  • Our annual fishing derby

Meek Arm Cove @
Long Lake

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