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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and some helpful information folks have found useful when building with Cottage Country.

No. There is no time limit to build. Build what you want, when you want.
Yes. Cottage Country offers a custom design service. Please contact us for details.
While we would be happy to build your home for you, you can use the builder of your choice.
Please contact us. We offer a variety of build sites and not all are eligible for you to park an RV until you decide to build your home.
Long Lake is comprised of several kilometers of beautiful trails, 42 kilometers of lake frontage, and 63 islands - much of it preserved and protected crown land. Most owners are permanent residents.

There are two primary components of your site that are part of the common elements

  • The roads, which are maintained all year including plowing in the winter.
  • The septic systems which are maintained and serviced by the community. Owners need not maintain them themselves.